Seven things that Expert Movers will not move

Moving to a new location can be overwhelming. One of the common reasons being that you find having forgotten something in your closet. Then you will find yourself spending a day or two on garbage disposal, giving out donations or taking part in a garbage sale. In other times, you will find yourself wanting to take your new things with you to your new location. However, you must watch out for this. There are a few things your expert mover will refuse to be included in the list.

Animals are always an issue with most moving companies. If you decide to conceal your dog or cat together with other cardboard boxes, definitely the move will not accept this. Movers will never allow you to place your pet crate in the front seat of the vehicle, nor will you be allowed to sit there. Therefore, transporting your family and yourself is upon you. However, there are companies that are specialized in moving domestic animals, and they target mostly the farmers. Some are even specialized to move wild zoo animals. However, we don’t think this is the kind of service you require.

Building materials
Building materials include wood, bricks, large pipelines, window glass sheets and more. If there are leftover building materials in your backyard, don’t expect your expert mover to pack them with the rest of households’ items. The main reason movers don’t do is that the vehicles they use might not be able to carry such items. In addition, a loading crane might be needed to lift these materials to the vehicle. Therefore, you will require a mover specialized in transporting building materials otherwise your materials will remain where they are.

Hazardous materials
Things like old fireworks, explosives, and open paint cans or anything that might spill on the way or anything that can cause fire will be left behind. In case you have any of these, you will need specialized company in moving hazardous materials.

Medium and small motor vehicles
If you have a van that can fit in the mover's vehicle, the mover will not accept it for transportation even if there is space after your cardboard boxes have been loaded. There specialized companies that specialize in moving motor vehicles, motorbikes, but the mover can accept to take on your bicycle.

Server rooms
Relocating a server room requires a license and specialized training that most common house movers don’t have. Moving your office equipment will be easily accomplished, but moving a server room will require experts in that area and your mover will not assist you here.

Grand piano
Pianos are regarded as delicate items that most house movers will not take chances with. Common upright pianos can be moved easily, but grand Pianos present a challenge to the movers. Movers normally lift item and load it into the vehicles themselves. Every person working with the mover is allowed to lift between 25-30 kg, and there is a limitation of three movers per van. If your grand piano weighs more than 90kgs, you will have to leave it behind.

Personal data waste
The United Kingdom act of parliament contained in Data protection act of 1998 was designed to safeguard personal data store on paper filing systems and on computers. The act states that a person has the right to control any use of their individual data during movement and processing. Even if some moving companies have a service to remove junk, if the junk is part of the data waste, its confidentiality will not be guaranteed. Again you will be required to get a specialized mover in waste data.